Phase 1 Underwater Habitat

limited access recreational and scientific habitat

"To allow access to the underwater world for everyone, regardless of age or physical ability" - Brendon Traxler

what is "Phase 1"?

In order to bring underwater colonization to the masses, a foundation needs to be set. Many have laid the ground work for this over the past 60 years and now we are putting all the lessons learned and technology developed into a single experience. We labeled this as Phase 1, due to the fact it is a introduction to many for underwater living. Although SCUBA equipment and diving will still be necessary to gain entry to this underwater experience, once inside you will be treated to an experience found in most hotels. Large scenic windows, allow a breathtaking view of the underwater world. Ample room to lounge, eat, and enjoy your stay. The scientific community also benefits from a larger, more spacious laboratory than they have had in the past.

why is this different from existing underwater hotels/research labs??

There are only two left today. Jules Undersea Lodge, and the Aquarius Undersea Laboratory. Jules is open to the public in a lagoon in Florida and has been in service for decades. Our Phase 1 habitat shares similar qualities to Jules and Aquarius, in that you have to access them via SCUBA through a moon pool. The moon pool will be phased out in future designs as it limits a large portion of the population who may want to visit a place like this. Phase 1 is twice as large as Aquairus since we designed it with the everyday person in mind. One area we saw that both Jules and Aquarius were lacking was space, an almost claustrophbic feeling in these two habitats that we did not want anyone to experience moving forward. Also, we designed for large viewiable areas instead of standard windows. Not only will this help combat claustrophbia, but will also grant a view unlike anything else.

time frame
1-5 years